The five fundamentals of gymnastics are Floor, Vault, Bars, Beam and Tumbling.



Our classes at Five Gymnastics in Fulham

At Five, we provide great opportunities for children to not only learn new skills, but also develop their self-confidence, form new friendships and stay active, all in a fun and rewarding environment. We believe that children exceed when they are motivated. Our classes are designed to ensure each child is challenged along with enjoying their experience here with us at Five.

Master the basics, improve the big floor skills, perform to music, the floor is an exciting foundation stone at Five Gymnastics. We ensure everyone can progress and succeed.

The ultimate discipline to develop speed and power. Sprint down the runway, explode off the springboard, the vault is a dynamic and motivating experience. Our young gymnasts love the excitement and speed of progress.

Whether you are swinging on our high bar or transitioning between our asymmetric bars, your child will build confidence and develop strength. Learn the swings, casts, upstarts and dismounts all in a safe and rewarding environment.

Perfect ones balance and build core strength. Our young gymnasts will learn and progress leaps, jumps, turns, holds, mounts and perform the acrobatic moves and dismounts. Master the basic skills on our floor beams and when your confidence builds, progress to the high beams. It’s inspiring.

Possibly the most popular of all the skills learnt, tumbling is a truly spectacular element within gymnastics. Whether viewed as an important skill or simply an exciting piece of theatre, tumbling at Five Gym is performed on a 15 metre long Gymnova Airtrack: the best piece of equipment around. From roundoffs and flicks to somersaults and twists your child will master the art of this impressive discipline.